KEL17: Forest Retreat

São Pedro do Sul, Viseu



Current Status:SOLD

Perfectly located dream property with a natural house and 1ha land in Serra da Arada

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Property Description

Perfectly located dream property with own spring and forest in the Serra da Arada, close to the ocean.

Our Portuguese property is now for sale. We lived there for more than two years and we loved every moment of it. It is simply one of the most beautiful places where we have ever been. The plot is perfect located in a hidden and peaceful valley, full of matured oak and chestnut trees, wild fruit trees, waterfalls and natural pools with drinking water quality.

Birds are singing and flowers are blossoming all year round. The four seasons are all wonderful. In winter the temperature never goes under zero and in summer you can swim in the river and chill in the shadows of the trees. The ocean is only 60 kms away, and the cities of Viseu (35 kms), Aveiro (60 kms) and Porto (80 kms) are also close. The next town with supermarket is around 7 kms away.

In March this year we got our first kid Hugó and as long as he is little we want to travel and leave Europe. For that we finally decided to sell our property.

The land is nearly a hectare, but registered with 3,500m2. This phenomenon is in Portugal nothing special. In older times the people here often registered their land more little. It is connected to the dictatorship, when the people had to pay with their products, according to the size of their land.

The property is perfect for a quiet holiday retreat and a self-sustainable lifestyle. The Portuguese name of it is “Castanheiro Chao”. This means chestnut floor, and it is true. On the land are some chestnut trees with over 100 years and in autumn you will have more chestnuts than you can eat. Additionally we planted some fruit trees and a lot of aloe vera that came very good.

The land has around 20 terraces that are all unique and beautiful. We cleaned always only with hand and discovered every time little wonders. The sun exposure and the water are from terrace to terrace different, so you have the possibility to grow all year long many kinds of plants.

The land has an own spring and additional written water rights all summer long. The spring is in a cave, that in summer can be used as a fridge. The water has drinking water quality (before we bought the land, we made analyses that proves it. The result of it you can find in the gallery.) We started to install an irrigation system. A 550 liters and a smaller 150 liters inox water tank are included in the price.

The land is facing south west. So you have all day long sun, but thanks to the forest on the land, you have enough shadow to rest. Here it never gets too hot and we built up an outdoor sitting place with wooden table and benches.

One terrace more down we started to build a little house with only natural material, big windows framed in chestnut wood and a beautiful wood burner. We lived there also in winter, but you will still need some more work. Right now the place is covered with a pond rubber, ready to put ground on it or change it to roof tiles. On one side of the house we started to make a wooden floor, the other side has no floor and the walls need to be clayed one more time.

For the fact, that the house does not have any concrete base, it is from law considered as a temporary construction, need no permission and is 100% legal.

A little bit more up on the land is also a little wooden cabin, where you have a seated compost toilet.

When you live on the property you do not have to pay any bills or annual taxes.
We used only solar energy all year long. From the solar system that we had, two 120Ah batteries, all the cables, the frame for 4 solar panels and the little wooden shelter for the solar system are included also in the price.

The land is around 300 meter away from a village and you can reach it over two antique roman ways. You can go over a national road with any kind of vehicle, but the land itself is only accessible by food, with a tractor or a little jeep (like Suzuki Samurai or Jimny).

We are in the valley around October or November. At this time it is possible to watch the land. We speak English, German and Hungarian. We can help with the legal process.
If you have any questions, feel free to write us

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