ANDA20: Quinta da Montanha

São Pedro do Sul, Viseu



Private and remote property with 0.5ha land with terraces, oak and chestnut trees

Property Description

5,140m2 agricultural land. Grapes, oak and chestnut trees and wine established.

Stone walls and fire break bordering land.

Full ownership and rights on Spring (that runs cold clear drinking water all year).

Electricity poles and cable already on land (meaning cheap and easy connection).

Mains water available if required (also fairly cheap and fed from local spring).

4 minutes walk from nearest small village called Landeira (no shops).

5km from nearest village with bank, shops, post office and most basic requirements (Santa Cruz da trappa).

10km from nearest town with a bigger selection of everything (Sao Pedro do sul)

Approximately 700m above sea level.


The land is situated 4 min walk down a stone walled public path from the village of Landeira, bordering a National park.

It has a spring in an old stone tank at the top of the land so gravity does the work to water the terraces below. The top four terraces have wine growing and have been farmed until fairly recently. The ten terraces below have a good selection of old and young oak and chestnut trees with a very old heart oak at the bottom corner.

The scenery and view are breathtaking and the whole valley looks like a scene from a fairytale. The valley has a beautiful river running trough it with lots of pretty waterfalls and small pools for swimming. You have access to one of the prettiest bits  just 2 min walk down a public stone path from the land.

Oaks and chestnuts are established throughout the valley and the river means that the land is very fertile and green. It’s ideal for growing a wide range of plants and food all year round and specialises in aromatics.

People from several countries around Europe have settled in this valley over the last 15 years or so and there is a good multicultural feeling. On top of this the local people are very  friendly and always willing to share their expert knowledge of working these lands.

The whole area including the land itself combines privacy, remoteness and beautiful scenery with an easy access to civilisation when needed.

We bought the land from a very respected man locally and he assured us that, if we built and registered a 30m square building, we could go and apply for planning permission for a larger building.
The man who owned the land used to work in the forest police locally and we have no reason to doubt what he told us.
Also as soon as a 2m square block construction is made, it is possible to get mains-electricity.
It is agricultural land and therefore planning permission is assumed as long as you are resident and tending the land, as far as we know.

We are currently not residing in Portugal and have no one to show our land for us at present. As a result, if people wish to view the property they will have to do so alone. We will try to add a clear description of how to reach the land soon also.

Property Location

For owner privacy, map may not show exact location of the property.

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