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Practical, charming and economical accommodation solution, easy to construct

The Mongolian yurt – or ger – has been used for thousands of years by the nomads of Central Asia and is still a common sight in many countries in the region.

The yurt is a circular stucture built using a wooden, accordion frame that can be easily taken down.

The wood frame is covered with cotton and felt, traditionally made from sheeps wool, and additionally covered with canvas and/or sun-covers. The frame is held together with one or more ropes or ribbons.

With its unique design, structure and practical features, the yurt is still a popular habitation.

Yurts are attracting interest from people in many parts of the world as an ecologically friendly and attractive living space that can be used for a variety of purposes.

The yurt is made of natural materials; wood, sheeps wool and cotton that offer a comfortable place to live.

It couldn’t be simpler: if you wish to move your yurt to another location, simply pick it up and construct it again wherever you want!

All yurts come with 4 layers so you can leave it all year, and with an acrylic dome / cupola with opening mechanism.

5m yurt (including IVA): 5,375 euros

Price: 5,375 euros