Box Trailer



4.5m x 1.6m Box Trailer suitable for conversion to mobile / temporary home

Property Description

Box Trailer suitable for conversion to towable / temporary home.

The trailer box is 15 ft long (approx 4.57m) minus the tow hitch and 5 and a half feet wide (approx 1.67m), minus the wheels, which project on both sides.

The box is made of galvanised steel with an aluminium roof. It is completely watertight and is carpeted inside. There are two rivetted panels on the side which could be removed to install windows, if required.

The tow hitch is a Bradley double lock, and the trailer comes complete with a bulldog stabiliser, and light board.

The trailer has four brand new tyres (only used for the journey, less than 1000km), which cost over £200 alone.

The trailer can be securely locked with a bar across the doors at the back.

The trailer doesn’t look its best, as we have taken the wheels off for safe-keeping. They are all brand new tyres on it. Also, we’ve got the tow hitch covered up with a plastic bag to preserve it.

We towed it, very fully laden (!), all the way from the UK with our little Mitsubishi camper which has a 2.5 turbo diesel engine, and we had no problems.

The trailer would be suitable either for towing to a local location for use as an extra storage/living space, or for towing stuff back to the UK. Currently, it is located just off the N17 in the Oliveira area, between Oliveira and Tabua.

Please note that the trailer is NOT registered here in Portugal, and it would be illegal to tow it with a Portuguese vehicle, according to Portuguese regulations. If need be, transportation to a local location by a UK registered vehicle could be arranged.