Bowtop Gypsy Caravans



Hand-crafted, car-towable, Bowtop Gypsy Caravans

Property Description

Hand-Crafted, Car-Towable, Bowtop Caravans. Imagine, in this new era of glamping (glamorous camping), stepping away from the ordinary, moving up from the basic into the opulent traditions of the gypsy past, no horses required!

In the photos we have Emily, a hand-built, car-towable, gypsy-style bowtop caravan. She features an alko galvanised caravan chassis, fully insulated roof and floor, double bed with small children’s bed/storage below, a small kitchenette with double rings and wash basin, a gas heater, 12v lighting, a solar panel, and 240v charging for the batteries.

Fully decorated and furnished inside and out with covered balcony and stable-style French doors. The first step is ordering your Gypsy Wagon, you can choose from a traditional Bowtop or a more roomy Vardo.

If you want to travel with your wagon then we can build it from scratch onto an Alko caravan chassis which means that it will be easy and safe to tow with any normal car.

If you’d prefer a wagon to keep in your garden to add a little class, use as an office, extra accommodation or even a kid’s playhouse then we can build from the ground up using traditional wagon wheels and a wooden chassis.

Either way we can create the perfect space for your requirements, we can fit a gas heater or wood burning stove, cooker and sink, bed, porch and double opening stable doors for the authentic gypsy look.

Each wagon is hand-painted and decorated inside and out and includes a variety of soft furnishings to make it a cosy home, if you have any ideas that you’d like included with your wagon then you just have to let us know, we can take all of your ideas on board when you order so that we can create to Gypsy Wagon of your dreams.

A standard Gypsy Bowtop as described above will cost just 14,000 euros and comes with a unique name, a certificate of authenticity, and a diary of creation from start to finish.

Gypsy Wagons can be delivered to anywhere in Europe for an agreed fee.Currently the Gypsy Wagons are manufactured in the UK and delivery to Portugal is 900 euros. From the end of 2013 the Gypsy Wagons will be manufactured in Portugal.