Land & Eco-Building Consultancy

We are passionate about people moving to the countryside, wanting to live in a more sustainable way and we want to offer our services to others from our years of experience.

We offer:

  • Land assessment: We help you to get an idea of how to best get started on land you have bought or looking at buying
  • Design advice: Planning considerations only become obvious with experience in permaculture, off grid living, self building etc. We help you through the design process.
  • First steps: What are the first steps to take and how to go about implementing them such as basic infrastructure, basic housing, energy, growing, building etc.
  • Land and forest management: What are your objectives and resources and what can realistically be done?
  • Advice on self building: How to build sustainable and energy efficient buildings whilst reducing costs
  • Transition to sustainable rural life: How to change our lifestyle in a way that supports a different, more sustainable life in nature?
  • Project support: Starting a project is an entire process. We have experience in community living and working, working with volunteers, hosting events and personal development coaching.


Over the years we have learned a lot about what it takes to revive an abandoned off grid place in the countryside in a foreign country. With such a project it can be very overwhelming how much there is to consider, figure out and decide. If there would have been somebody around with experience and competence we would have been very happy to pay for advice and save a lot of time and money later on. With experience it is much easier to assess a situation and avoid mistakes. Very often it’s simple things that one does not think of unless one has done it before and already made the mistakes… and many of us, who want to live in the countryside now don’t have a rural background.
That is why we are offering this consultancy service. We are passionate about people moving back to the countryside, wanting to live in a more sustainable way that is integrated their local environment and we want to offer support for that.
We are not estate agents and don’t have land to sell but we can offer advice and help with deciding and evaluating whether a piece of land and/or buildings you have found are suitable for what you have in mind.
We have been living in the area of Benfeita for 7 years now and are fluent in Portuguese. We know the area, and have been hands on involved with restoring two abandoned Quintas, one as a retreat centre and one as a home. Between us we have a 15 years practical hands on permaculture experience both here and in the UK and Austria.

Check out our website for more information about us and our project:

Fees are dependent on the project. Please contact us to give you a quote. We are based in the Serra do Acor, (Coja)

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