Threesy Peasy Diet Group

Threesy Peasy Diet Group

Dieting support in Portugal.

Lose weight the easy way, no pressure, no humiliation, no calorie counting, no kidding!!

Get help and support from a qualified diet counsellor. With three plans to choose from, (Healthy Eating, 5:2, Fastfix rapid weight loss/meal replacement) there is something for everyone, or do your own thing and join us to get weighed.

5 euros per week

Weekly meetings in Tomar & Penela or join us online and weigh yourself and report in each week!

Meal replacement products available to mail order.

See our facebook page – Threesy Peasy Diet Group – or contact Carol: 932 532 418 for more info


Facebook: Threesy Peasy Diet Group facebook page

Phone: 932 532 418

Area: Tomar / Penela / Online