Bee Keeping Course

Beekeeping course with Harald Hafner from March 2018.

One day per month for 5 months.


24th March
21st April
19th May
16th June
14th July

The course will focus primarily on natural beekeeping practices, although all other beekeeping questions can and will be answered. We will accompany the hives through the Spring season every month and cover everything needed to get you started and to work successfully with your own bees along the following general lines:

1. Introduction: Why beekeeping, bee pastures, pollination, choose the best location for your bees, laws and regulations, materials and tools, different hives and how to get started, first steps with the bees, what can be observed.

2. Superorganism bee: the hive, its biology and interaction with the environment, swarming, combs, brood, reserves, communication, inspecting the hive and how to go about it.

3. Hive management through the seasons: swarms, new colonies, helping the hive, making splits, queens and cells … acting in favour of the bees.

4. Diseases and parasites: how to prevent and keep your hive healthy, detecting and diagnosing problems, treatments?

5. Hive products: harvest, quality, care, transformation, honey, pollen, própolis, beeswax, (venom and royal jelly), salves, tinctures, mead basics, etc.

Protective jackets and gloves for all the participants will be provided, but if you have your own equipment you are welcome to bring it.


Originally from Vienna, Austria, I am a professional Beekeeper devoted to natural and biodynamic beekeeping with currently 200+ hives in and around Mangualde and in the foot hills of the bordering serras.

I started beekeeping 20 years ago in my native Austria, many years after beeing infected with the bee virus in my great aunts Bee House in the South Tyrolean Mountains. Apart from Austria and Portugal (10 years now) I have also kept bees in the tropical Caribbean. I have a Master Beekeeper degree from the Austrian Beekeeping School in Warth/Austria and have been holding beekeeping courses all over Portugal during the last 6 years, with more than 500 actual and future beekeepers reached so far.


175 euros for the course, including lunches.
50 euros deposit to secure your place.
More information and bookings:

Places are limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

Overnight accommodation is available at extra cost.

YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN: Harald Hafner’s one day workshop on 25 February Plants for Bee Landscapes – come along and learn about how we can create and improve bee pastures. Discounted fee for those with burnt lands.

Start Date: 24 Mar 2018

End Date: 14 Jul 2017

See main description for full dates.

Website: Bee Keeping Course


Venue: Quinta dos Covões

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