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Pure Portugal Live: Menu Choices

The menus for our Live Event are now confirmed.

Choose from the two most popular Portuguese fish and meat dishes – bacalhau and pork!

Restaurante Solar do Bacalhau can also cater for vegetarian, vegan, and special dietary requirements – so just let us know if you need a special menu.

There are also children’s meals available – again please just let us know in advance.

Bacalhau no Forno
Bacalhau no Forno

Menu Nº 1 – Peixe / Fish

Entradas: Pão e manteiga, Bruschetta Caprese
Sopa: Sopa de Legumes
Prato de Peixe: Bacalhau no Forno com batatas e pão de milho
Sobremesa: Pudim de Caramelo

Starters: Bread & butter, Brushetta Caprese
Soup: Vegetable Soup
Main Course: Baked cod with corn bread and potatoes
Dessert: Caramel Pudding

Menu Nº 2 – Carne / Meat

Entradas: Pão e manteiga, Bacalhau bolos de peixes
Sopa: Sopa de peixe
Prato de Carne: Lombo de porco recheado, batatas e legumes
Sobremesa: Tiramissu

Starters: Bread & butter, cod fish cakes
Soup: Fish Soup
Main Course: Stuffed pork loin with potatoes and vegetables
Dessert: Tiramisu

Vegan e Vegetariano
Refeições vegan simples como arroz, feijão e couves ou grão de bico e legumes, massa (sem glúten ), fruta ou saladas.
(Vegan and Vegetarian)
Simple vegan meals such as rice, beans and cabbage or chickpeas and vegetables, pasta (gluten-free), fruit or salads.

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2 thoughts on “Pure Portugal Live: Menu Choices

  1. Hi.
    What is the difference between living in – and moving to portugal ?
    Is it different meetings, or is it as I understood in the first invitation a meeting for all living in the region and people wanting to get together for more info and meet and greet.
    Kind regards
    Heidi Eade

    1. Hi Heidi

      “Living in” means those of us already living in Portugal, and “moving to” means people who live outside the country and want to live here (for example they are already searching for property to buy, or just considering the move). The event hopes to bring people together to share experiences and advice, and to make new friends and connections. And to celebrate the relaunch of our website!

      Hope to see you there 🙂

      Sophie x

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