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Latest Newsletter – FIRE!

We’ve just published our latest newsletter and this issue has the theme of fire.


There’s an article from Inês Soares – our newest Pure Portugal team member – in the form of an interview with Jaime Soares, national chief of the Portuguese fire brigade. Fran writes about her ideas for using her goats to help prevent forest fire and about her chat with a friend who has been researching permaculture for fire prevention.

Emma writes about her close encounter with forest fire when living in a yurt.


Emma also shares her latest news, as do I (Sophie), and featured guest articles are from Jules Told Me and Ishtar Rathsi.

This issue also features our recipe for Ginjinha, a wonderful liqueur made from wild cherries and aguardente (the Portuguese fire water!)

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2 thoughts on “Latest Newsletter – FIRE!

  1. It is 6 am on a wintery day I am lying in my bed as I read your updates and my heart yearns for Portugal.
    I spent 9 months there as a South African I am a third generation my grandfather is from Portugal would love to come back sadly the cost is greater than I can afford.I speak to my clients and anyone who lends a ear also encourage folk to come visit
    Thank you for your posts.

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