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Amandine: New Girl on the Team!

Amandine has joined the team a few months ago, to work with us on the “Pure Portugal France” – the french Pure Portugal website.

Meet Amandine!

I was born and raised in Grenoble, France. At university, I studied economics and left the education system thinking that learning an other language was not for me. Working internationally as a performer, I got to live in various countries, teaching myself English, Spanish and Portuguese along the way.

Five years ago, after moving around quite a lot, my partner and I have chosen Portugal to settle down and start a family. BEST MOVE!
The Portuguese people are very welcoming and adore babies and kids in general, giving birth here has proven to be one of the best way for us to integrate into the village. We now have two delightful daughters and it is such a joy to watch them grow on our quinta, we have no TV, but our plethora of animals is keeping our eldest one entertained, whilst the abundance of fresh fruit and veg, together with outdoors living, helps keeping all of us healthy.

My role in Pure Portugal is to translate, we want to give the French speakers the same opportunities as English speakers, allowing more of us to come here and enjoy the “good life”.

Joining the Team is a dream come true, working with very supportive, like minded, optimistic people, all working towards helping others living a life with a positive impact on our planet is just fantastic. And I can do it whilst breast feeding!!


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