Pure Portugal is an online portal for buying and selling rustic property, eco and temporary homes and advertising your quinta for holidays and rentals. Once you are living in Portugal we support you through our services directory and help you to promote courses and events.
Selling property, eco and temporary homes and services directory
Selling property to the French market
Advertising your rental accomodation

We’re dedicated to helping people along every step of their journey to living the good life.


The Pure Portugal Client:

  •  A typical Pure Portugal client is a mature couple with an independent income who is looking to purchase and renovate a rustic property and live more sustainably.
  • Pure Portugal clients are not only those who purchase property from us. They are also searching for services they need once living in Portugal and information on courses and events that support their new lifestyle and integrate them into their new community.
  • They typically enjoy nature, culture, food and wine, home improvements and gardening.
  • Our clients are mainly from the UK, Holland, USA, Belgium, Germany and France and their main language for international communication is English.

Pure Portugal Digital Advertising Channels:

  • Website – We receive around 286,000 page views per month, in over 46,000 sessions, from more than 23,000 users.
  • Facebook: Our active community group has 17,000 members, the property only posting group has 7,500 members and the holidays and rental group has 1,900. There are approximately 500 new members each month.
    Community group –
    Property page –
    Holidays and rental page –
  • Newsletter: We have a monthly newsletter with over 5000 subscribers with approximately 300 new each month. Each time someone signs up we send them Pure Portugal seeds.
  • We have just launched the PP Instagram group, 900 members and growing quickly

We offer digital advertising opportunities in the following areas:

  • Advertising your rural property
  • Advertising your eco and temporary homes
  • Advertising your quinta for holiday rental
  • Advertising your products and services through our services directory
  • Advertising your courses & events
  • Advertising your caravans, cars, furniture etc.

Advertising Your Property

When advertising your property with us, we do our very best to match it with your ideal buyer. We know who our clients are, and the types of property they are looking for.

Over the years we have developed an instinct for knowing what is (and what isn’t) a “Pure Portugal Property” – it’s not easy to give a definitive list of attributes that our buyers are looking for, but in general we will advertise your property if it is:

  • A ruin / renovation project
  • A country house with some land
  • A quinta / smallholding
  • Land of at least 5,000m2 with building permission
  • Land suitable for an eco or temporary dwelling (cabin, yurt, tipi, caravan, etc)

We generally don’t advertise new builds, unless they have environmental attributes such as natural construction, or are off grid (solar/wind energy), etc. If in doubt, send us a brief description and some photos of your property and we’ll let you know if we think we can help you sell it.


If your property sells as a result of our advertising, we ask for a 2% fee. No sale, no advertising fee. For properties under 25,000 euros there is a minimum fee of 500 euros.


Top Featured Property: To be the Top featured property on the homepage the cost is 50 euros a week or 25 euros if the sales price is under 25,000 euros.

Monthly newletter: To be the featured property on our mothly newsleter the price is 30 euros.

French Website: For an extra fee we list you on our Pure Portugal France website – :

Owners:  20 euros (one time payment);

For Agents & Mediators: Up to 10 properties = 50 euros per year / Up to 20 properties = 75 euros per year / Up to 40 properties = 100 euros per year


“We have had so many enquiries through you that answering them all has become almost a full time occupation – I’m not complaining!”

“I just want to say thank you for all that you do, all the hard work, the very quick response. Brilliant service, diligent, professional and very, very, very competent.”


Holidays & Rentals

The website puts customers in contact with the best holiday and rental accommodation in the green heart of Portugal – off grid retreats, farm stays, rustic cottages and much more!

Many of the people that search for Holidays/Rental properties on our website are also looking to buy properties. We recommend our holidays/rental listings to hundreds of people every year. We also promote the listings on our websites and diverse social media channels.

If you have holiday accommodation in Portugal we can advertise it on our website: a onepage advert with full details of your property plus a photo gallery.

Cost for standard listing for holidays or rentals is 40 euros a year.
Volunteer working holidays and housesitting listings are free.


“Your listing caused plenty of interest, and I have bookings for 6 months. Please modify the text on the advert to say ‘available from March 2018.”

“ I just want to let you know that within 48 hours of going live, the house is now rented from 1st October for one year! Thank you so much for providing such a brilliant service. We are delighted.”


Eco Homes

If you make or sell yurts, tipis, gypsy caravans, wood cabins etc. many of our property purchasers are looking to buy these. Advertise in the dedicated Eco Homes section of our website.

Cost is 5% of product sales.

Services Directory

If you have a business, service or product that is useful to someone purchasing a property and living in Portugal then advertise in our new Services Directory. Once your service is listed we will make an announcement on our Facebook page and you can then post your own messages over the year. The minimum advertising period is one year.

Listing costs 15 euros per month or get 2 free months with an annual payment of 150 euros.

Promote your Course or Event

You can advertise your course, event or community activity on the Pure Portugal Community facebook page in the events section. Please upload the event yourself.  This is a directory for all people and organisations across Portugal for events related to ‘Living the Good Life’.

The events Facebook page is:

The cost for this is free.

If you would like greater reach and impact, we can promote you as a featured course on our website: or by having it pinned to the top of the Facebook community group for 1 week.

Website feature: 25 Euros for courses where one place is under 75 Euros and 50 Euros for courses where one place is above 75 Euros.
Facebook pinned post: 25 Euros.

Cars, Caravans, Furniture etc.

If you have a special item that is of interest to the Facebook group, you can advertise this on the Facebook group.

The cost is 2% of the sales price, payment is made only if there is a successful sale.

Blog Feature

If you have an article that is of interest to the community and which can also promote your organisation a blog article can be submitted to us with a link to your website. The blog feature will be posted to all our social media channels.

Cost is 15 euros. We offer free blog features for good causes.

Newsletter Advertising

If you’d like to be the Featured Property, Holiday Listing, Service, Product or Event in our monthly newsletter which has over 5,000 subscribers, the cost is 50 euros (30 euros if you advertising with us in any other way). Only one service or product per newsletter will be chosen to be delivered directly to the inbox of our most engaged clients.

Examples of previous newsletters:


What to do next:

For advertising your property email:

For advertising holidays and rentals email:

For advertising Eco Homes, Services and Products, Courses & Events, Cars, Blog features  or caravans & Furniture etc.  email:

Let us know which option/s your are interested in, along with your contact details.
We’ll let you know what we need next and send you an invoice whether this be a one off payment, annual or monthly.

Terms & Conditions

Advertising your property: Contact us for the full T&C agreement.
Eco & Temporary Homes: Contact us for the full T&C agreement.
Services Directory & Products: If on an annual term, by payment of your first month you agree to pay for the full year.
Courses & Events: If you are over subscribed for any course run that has been marketed and you set another date the same terms apply for subsequent courses held.