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“We have had so many enquiries through you that answering them all has become almost a full time occupation – I’m not complaining!”

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List your property with Pure Portugal

When advertise your property with us, we do our very best to match it with your ideal buyer.

We know who our clients are, and the types of property they are looking for.

Over the years we have developed an instinct for knowing what is (and what isn’t) a “Pure Portugal Property” – it’s not easy to give a definitive list of attributes that our buyers are looking for, but in general we will advertise your property if it is:

  • a ruin / renovation project
  • a country house with some land
  • a quinta / smallholding
  • land of at least 5,000m2 with building permission
  • land suitable for an eco or temporary dwelling (cabin, yurt, tipi, caravan, etc)

We generally don’t advertise new builds, unless they have environmental attributes such as natural construction, or are off grid (solar/wind energy), etc.

If in doubt, send us a brief description and some photos of your property and we’ll let you know if we think we can help you sell it.

A one-page advert with full details of your property plus a photo gallery. If your property sells as a result of our advertising, we ask for a 2% fee (no sale, no advertising fee!).

You can also submit online versions of our advertising agreement forms here:  Advertising Agreement  /  Acordo de Publicidade

How to list your property:

  1. Complete and return our Advertising Agreement.
  2. Send full details of your property, its location, and its price, along with photos to .
    The more information and photos you can supply, the more interest your advert will generate (and you won’t only get enquiries asking for more information / more photos!)

Please send photos in .jpg format attached to an email (minimum 640 x 480 pixels).

Advertise in our directory, or reserve a website advert

In addition to properties, Pure Portugal is also an online portal for people seeking the professional services that are associated with purchasing a rural property abroad. We are trusted by our users, and they are influenced by our recommendations. For more information about our Services Directory and Website adverts visit our Advertise a Product / Services page for all the details.