About Us

About Pure Portugal

Pure Portugal Ltd advertises properties for sale plus we have a website for holiday accommodation and property to rent in Portugal.
As you may have guessed from our name, we put particular emphasis on the traditional and natural aspects of both the area we work in and the properties we advertise. Many of the properties we advertise are built and/or renovated using traditional methods and local materials. Many of them also incorporate environmentally friendly design, alternative energy systems, and grow – or are suitable for growing – organic produce.


We’re an online advertising portal and publicise properties on behalf of agents and owners (we’re not Estate Agents). Our aim is to help you make the connections you need for buying, selling, or renting property and holiday accommodation in Portugal, and for creating your dream life.


We are a small business, a workers’ co-operative, registered as a limited company in England.
We all have our own quintas (Portuguese smallholdings) so if you’re also dreaming about things such as self-sufficiency, permaculture, renovating a ruin, building in a more natural way, or living a simpler life in the sun, we know what you’re talking about! Meet the Team


We are a solely internet-based business, thus we can reduce our overheads, keeping our fees very reasonable and competitive. We’re in this business to enable us to live our dreams, not to make huge profits. We balance our Pure Portugal work with the work on our quintas and our family lives, so we don’t always keep normal office hours (now you know why you got an email from us at 11pm!). For this reason email is the best way to contact us.

We are happy to offer informal advice on all aspects of property purchase and sale, holiday accommodation, rentals, and living in Portugal – join our facebook group with over 16,000 helpful, friendly and active members sharing their questions, experiences and advice


As our company grows we are able to support other sustainable and ethical companies and projects, at the moment these include:

  • Rootstock an investors co-op, supporting independent and ethical co-operatives in the UK, part of Radical Routes.
  • União Progressiva de Chão Sobral non-profit association for the improvement and renewal of the culture and environment of Chão Sobral village and surrounding countryside.

If you have a project that you think deserves our support – particularly in Portugal, we’ll be happy to hear from you: team@pureportugal.co.uk.

Tree Planting we think tree planting is a great idea, and many companies publicise the fact that some of their profit goes towards tree-planting. Of course this benefits us all, but we’d love you to enjoy a more direct benefit from our tree planting scheme … so … purchase any property via Pure Portugal Ltd and we’ll give you FREE TREES for your new home!